Celomundo's Producer's Showreel


A showreel of various short-films produced by Lucio Celomundo.

The Invisible Paradise (2011) directed by Lucio Celomundo.

Programa Educativo (2014) directed by Lucio Celomundo.

Whitelines (2015) directed by Jos Argyle.

Traficantes de Ternura (2016) directed by Lucio Celomundo.

Blood Orange (2017) directed by Nathan Theys.

I-Orange (2017) directed by Jos Argyle Knives.

Portable Places (2017) by Jan Honza Turnovsky.

Knives Don't Rust Indoors (2018) directed by Celomundo.

Parpadeo Bautismal (2019) directed by Celomundo.

Exquisite Vessel, Epitaph I, Celso de la Molina (2020) directed by Celomundo.



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  •    Produced by:

    Lucio Celomundo